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Because of the current war on Ukraine, our primary focus is to become a bridge between those who want to help and do not know how and those who are in desperate need to have their basic day-to-day necessities provided for survival.

We invite you to join us in making a difference by partnering with us and becoming part of the solution.

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Food Distribution in Kharkiv, Ukraine

We sent a big truck with food boxes (10 tons) to Kharkiv, in the NE part of Ukraine, as soon as we heard that a humanitarian corridor was opened during a cease fire by the Russian army. There was a huge missile launched while the team was there, but we are thankful for safety and protection. The estimated number of people helped was 5,000!

Transportation to Ukraine

One of our longtime friends from Luhansk region was our partner before the war. He has relocated his family to a non war zone from where he continues to travel to parts of Ukraine who are still under attack. On the way in to the war zone, he takes food to people in desperate need, and on the way out he brings people to safety. We delivered into Ukraine 5 tons of nonperishable food to Vladimir and he has already distributed all the food to people in different war zones.


You will never be what you ought to be until you are doing what you ought to be doing.

- John Maxwell

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